To the Left (of the Atlantic) (ep 6)

Show Notes

On the 6th episode we cover perhaps the most dramatic, heartwrenching, historically important breakup of all time: THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The split between the colonies was a game changer for the world, and it was really all about money.

1) Introduction

Why the American Revolution?

2) Vocabulary

IMPERIALISM. Specifically: Britain’s brand of it, which after the birth of capitalism had some new features.

3) Cognitive Dissonance

The worst breakup ever. Well, not really. Some of mine hurt more than the American Revolution.

4) Theoretical Bullshit

Once the U.S. won the war, one of the first questions the founders faced was around which was more important: Capitalism or Democracy.

5) Next Week On Money Good

Too Big to Stop and Frisk

Next week we’re out for justice as we look at the bizarrely unfair way our INjustice system treats normal people compared to how it treats big banks.

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