The Magic of Debt (ep 5)

Show Notes

On the 5th episode we have some fun with DEBT – which good or bad, is kind of like magic. One second there’s no money, then SHAZAM there’s $400,000 for a house. What’s that about? This week on the show, we get into debt. Specifically: CREDIT CARD DEBT.

P.S. I am foregoing the full shownotes for a while. I don’t think anyone reads them. If you miss them, let me know.

1) Introduction

In exactly what way is DEBT like MAGIC? Also: why Debt is important.

2) Vocabulary

Debt. Money. Lending. For vocab this week, I tell the truth about the absurd way money is created in our economy. (Out of thin air.)

3) Cognitive Dissonance

I talk about how our credit system and our credit scoring system are completely unfair and breed inequality.

4) New Segment: EVIL DOERS

In which I list a few of the many sins of Voldemort-level evil companies known as DEBT COLLECTION AGENCIES.

5) Next Week On Money Good

To the Left (of the Atlantic)

Next week we’ll cover perhaps the most dramatic, heartwrenching, historically important breakup of all time: THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

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