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  Comedy about the Economy (ep 1)

On the first episode I explore what the show's going to be about: the growing diconnect between -- well -- everything. Capitalism's completely transforming our world and even human nature itself. Sometimes for the better, often for worse, and mostly both. Goal here: to understand what the fuck is happening to the world and what to do about it.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Crackup

Includes several amazing essays by Fitzgerald and also chronicles his descent into depression. I talk about Fitzgerald's famous quote that the measure of a good intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at once.

A history of Cognitive Dissonance

All about Festinger's famous theory that being wrong puts mental stress on us.

The Tribune Series "Playing with Fire"

playing-with-fireExcellent series on the "Couch of Flames" story - chemical and tobacco companies come off real good here.

The Future by Al Gore
Where I originally found the Couch of Flames Story. Pretty good book on the future of the economy and environment.

Movie Drops


Billy Madison

American Psycho


The Terminator



Love The Way You Lie [feat. Rihanna] [Explicit]

Fire by Van Halen

Eric & Magill

Yadda Yadda


Michael Keaton interview on David Letterman

This American Life

Lucky Strike Commercial

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