Capitalism Begins (ep 4)

Show Notes

On the 4th episode of the podcast we begin our recurring series on the HISTORY of the capitalism. And appropriately: we’ll begin at the beginning. How did capitalism start? When did capitalism start? How did it change things immediately, and what does that mean to us today? We’ll get into it.

P.S. I am foregoing the full shownotes for a while. I don’t think anyone reads them. If you miss them, let me know.

1) Introduction

I talk about why I think it’s important to understand the history of capitalism.

2) Vocabulary

This week’s word: ‘CAPITALISM’


A Primer on different theories on the ORIGINS and CAUSES of Capitalism

4) Cognitive Dissonance

The theory I think makes sense.

5) Next Week On Money Good

The Magic of Debt

On the 5th episode we’ll have some fun with DEBT – which good or bad, is kind of like magic. One second there’s no money, then SHAZAM there’s $400,000 for a house. What’s that about? Next week on the show. BY THE WAY: We’ll be switching over to THURSDAYS.

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